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Interview with Maurizio Faroldi and Tony D’Addino, general manager and resident manager of the Mediolanum Hotel in Milan

Interview with Maurizio Faroldi and Tony D’Addino, general manager and resident manager of the Mediolanum Hotel in Milan

When creativity and passion go together with a solid experience in the hospitality sector, a hotel can become something more than a simple place where to spend the night.

Here at the Hotel Mediolanum we tried to give a soul to every environment that we offer to our guests, characterised by energy, happiness and colour, going from our breakfast room to the last room at the fourth floor.

Through the words of general manager Maurizio Faroldi and resident manager Tony D’Addino, we like to share with you something more about the Mediolanum and its hospitality philosophy. Enjoy the reading!

Q: What kind of hospitality characterises the Hotel Mediolanum in a city such as Milan, where the offer is huge, with hotels, B&B and other alternative stay solutions?

A: A very personalized, warm and familiar welcome offer. The guest meets a positive, proactive and very helpful staff, a real point of reference for every desire and need. Always available to advise and answer all the curiosities of the guests during their stay in Milan.

Q: Hotel Mediolanum is a well designed original environment, thanks to its decor and colours. This type of hotel mood, what kind of travellers is aiming to attract?

A: A curious and attentive traveller, not only to functionality, but also to the artistic and cultural inputs that a leisure stay can reserve, thanks to the interior design of Hotel Mediolanum.

Q: What is the strength point of Hotel Mediolanum that wins over travelers? What is the extra gear that the guest will discover only by experiencing this moment?

A: That Milan is a warm, tourist-friendly city, presented by an equally open and hospitable hotel staff.

Q: The relationship with the staff is at the base of the success of every meaningful business, especially if involving the public service. What are the requirements to be part of the Mediolanum team?

A: We are looking for an essential requirement to be part of the Mediolanum Team: “Be happy to be in this world”. The positive attitude and the vocation to relation with the client highlights the professional skills that characterize a good collaborator. Circumstance that can not be read in reverse.

Q:  Are there aspects of your job that still surprise you and that you like particularly?

A: The never ending cultural exchange that derives from being able to host the “World at home” and the compulsory professional updating to which we are subjected. This last aspect, especially in the last fifteen years, has transformed Hotel Mediolanum, from a traditional company in a 4.0 business.

Q: What is your relationship with a city like Milan?

A: Like 70% of the Milaneses, we are not from Lombardy originally. We came from other areas of Italy, myself (Faroldi) from South Tyrol and Daddino from Calabria! However, Milan is an inclusive city that asks you just to highlight your skills and ingenuity. This is  what “Vivere alla Milanese” is all about.

Q: Why would you suggest Milan as holiday destination?

A: Because it’s the Italian city that expresses better than any other, what are the new cultural directions and the new commercial trends of the Italian good living lifestyle. “Milan – Italian trendsetter city!”